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BJS RESTAURANTS INC filed this Form DEF 14A on 04/26/2013
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Role of the Compensation Committee

The Compensation Committee of the Board has the responsibility for establishing, implementing and continually monitoring adherence to our compensation philosophy. The Compensation Committee ensures that the total compensation paid to our executive officers is fair, reasonable and competitive. The Compensation Committee is comprised entirely of independent directors who are also non-employee directors as defined in Rule 16b-3 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (“Rule 16b-3”) and outside directors as defined under Section 162(m) of the Internal Revenue Code (“Code”). The Compensation Committee reviews the performance of our officers and key employees and reports to the Board of Directors. In such capacity, the Compensation Committee administers our executive compensation plans, reviews our general compensation and benefit programs and policies, and monitors the performance and compensation of executive officers and other key employees. The Compensation Committee also makes recommendations regarding annual cash bonuses under our Performance Incentive Plan and equity awards to executive officers and other employees pursuant to our equity compensation plans, including our 2005 Equity Incentive Plan.

The Compensation Committee’s charter establishes the various responsibilities of the Compensation Committee including those described above. The Compensation Committee periodically reviews and revises the charter. In addition, the Compensation Committee has the authority to retain and terminate independent, third party compensation consultants and to obtain advice and assistance from internal and external legal, accounting and other advisors. In accordance with the authority granted to the Compensation Committee under its charter, the Committee engaged Aon Hewitt as an independent outside compensation consultant during fiscal 2012 to advise the Committee regarding matters related to outside director compensation benchmarking and peer group analysis. In addition, in December 2011, the Compensation Committee engaged Aon Hewitt to help evaluate executive compensation benchmarking and peer group analysis for our fiscal 2012 executive compensation.

All of the fees paid to Aon Hewitt during 2012 were in connection with the firm’s work on director or executive compensation matters on behalf of the Compensation Committee. Aon Hewitt was retained pursuant to an engagement letter, and the Compensation Committee has determined that Aon Hewitt’s services in this regard does not give rise to any conflict of interest, and considers the firm to have sufficient independence from our Company and our executive officers to allow it to offer objective advice.

Four independent directors, J. Roger King, Peter A. Bassi, William L. Hyde, Jr. and Lea Anne Ottinger, currently serve on the Compensation Committee. Mr. King is the Chairman of the Compensation Committee. Each member of the Compensation Committee meets the independence requirements specified by the applicable rules of the SEC and the NASDAQ and by Section 162(m) of the Code, as determined annually by the Board. The Chairman of the Compensation Committee reports the Compensation Committee’s actions and recommendations to the Board of Directors following each Compensation Committee meeting.

Named Executive Officers

The named executive officers held the following positions with us as of the Record Date:


Name    Position

Gerald W. Deitchle (1)

   Chairman of the Board

Gregory A. Trojan (2)

   Director, Chief Executive Officer and President

Gregory S. Levin

   Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary

Gregory S. Lynds

   Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer

Wayne L. Jones

   Executive Vice President and Chief Restaurant Operations Officer


  (1) Mr. Deitchle retired as President effective December 3, 2012, and as Chief Executive Officer as of February 1, 2013.