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BJS RESTAURANTS INC filed this Form DEF 14A on 04/26/2013
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Once the Governance and Nominating Committee has identified a prospective nominee, the Committee makes an initial determination as to whether to conduct a full evaluation of the candidate. This initial determination is based on whatever information is provided to the Committee with the recommendation of the prospective candidate, as well as the Committee’s own knowledge of the prospective candidate, which may be supplemented by inquiries to the person making the recommendation or others. The preliminary determination is based primarily on the need for additional Board members to fill vacancies, provide specific expertise or expand the size of the Board and the likelihood that the prospective nominee can satisfy the evaluation factors described below. If the Committee determines, in consultation with the Chairman of the Board and other Board members, as appropriate, that additional consideration is warranted, it may request a third-party search firm to gather additional information about the prospective nominee’s background and experience and to report its findings to the Committee. The Committee then evaluates the prospective nominee against the following standards and qualifications:



the ability of the prospective nominee to represent the interests of all of our shareholders;



the prospective nominee’s standards of integrity, commitment and independence of thought and judgment;



the prospective nominee’s ability to dedicate sufficient time, energy and attention to the diligent performance of his or her duties, including the prospective nominee’s service on other public company boards;



the prospective nominee’s ability to qualify as a director when we apply for and hold certain business and liquor licenses where such qualification is required;



the extent to which the prospective nominee contributes to the range of talent, skill and expertise appropriate for the Board; and



the extent to which the prospective nominee helps the Board reflect the diversity of our shareholders, employees, guests and communities.

The Committee also considers such other relevant factors as it deems appropriate, including the current composition of the Board, the balance of management and independent directors, specific business and financial expertise, experience as a director of a public company, the need for Audit Committee expertise, the evaluations of other prospective nominees, and diversity. The Board considers a number of factors in its evaluation of diversity, including geography, age, gender, and ethnicity. As indicated above, diversity is one factor in the total mix of information the Board considers when evaluating director candidates. The Board is committed to increasing its diversity going forward through the recruitment of qualified members with more diverse backgrounds to fill Board vacancies as they occur.

In connection with this evaluation, the Committee determines whether to interview the prospective nominee, and if warranted, one or more members of the Committee, and others as appropriate, interview prospective nominees in person or by telephone. After completing this evaluation and interview, the Committee makes a recommendation to the full Board as to the persons who should be nominated by the Board, and the Board determines the nominees after considering the recommendation and report of the Committee.

The Board has adopted age limits for members of our Board which require that any person who has reached the age of 75 shall not be nominated for initial election to the Board. However, the Governance and Nominating Committee may recommend, and the Board may approve, the nomination for re-election of a director at or after the age of 75 if, in light of all the circumstances, the Board believes it is in the best interests of the Company and its shareholders.