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BJS RESTAURANTS INC filed this Form DEF 14A on 04/26/2013
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Determination of Director Independence

In March 2013, the Board undertook its annual review of director independence. During this review, the Board considered transactions and relationships between us and our subsidiaries and affiliates and each of our directors or any members of their immediate family, including those reported under “Certain Relationships and Related Transactions.” The purpose of this review was to determine whether any such relationships or transactions were inconsistent with a determination that the director is independent under the applicable rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and the NASDAQ as well as our Corporate Governance Guidelines.

As a result of this review, the Board affirmatively determined that all of our directors who served as directors for fiscal 2012 or who are nominated for election at the Annual Meeting are independent of us and our management under the applicable rules of the SEC and the NASDAQ, with the exception of Messrs. Deitchle, Trojan and Dal Pozzo. Mr. Deitchle is not considered to be independent due to his current service as a consultant to the Company as well as his recent service as our President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Trojan is not considered to be independent due to his current service as our President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Dal Pozzo is not considered to be independent due to his employment as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Jacmar Companies, which currently provides certain food and supply distribution services to us.

Board Meetings and Board Committees

The Board met five times during fiscal 2012. Each of our directors attended 75% or more of the aggregate of the total number of meetings of the Board of Directors and the total meetings of all committees of the Board on which he or she served that were held during the last fiscal year. At the end of each regularly scheduled quarterly Board meeting, the non-employee directors met in executive session without members of management present. While we do not have a policy regarding Board member attendance at our Annual Meeting, all directors attended our annual shareholders’ meeting in June 2012. All directors are expected to attend the Annual Meeting this year. Each director is expected to dedicate sufficient time, energy and attention to ensure the diligent performance of his or her duties, including attendance at meetings of our shareholders, the Board and those committees of which he or she is a member.

The business of our Board of Directors is conducted through full meetings of the Board of Directors, as well as through meetings of its three standing committees: the Audit Committee, the Compensation Committee, and the Governance and Nominating Committee. The current composition of each board committee is set forth below:


Director    Audit
   Governance and
   Board of

Gerald W. Deitchle


Gregory A. Trojan


Peter A. Bassi

   X    X       X

Larry D. Bouts

   X       X    X

James A. Dal Pozzo


Henry Gomez

         X    X

John F. Grundhofer

   Chair       Chair    X

William L. Hyde, Jr.

      X       X

J. Roger King

      Chair    X    X

Lea Anne S. Ottinger

      X       X