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BJS RESTAURANTS INC filed this Form DEF 14A on 04/26/2013
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The number of directors of our Company shall not be less than seven or more than 13 in accordance with our Bylaws. The exact number is fixed from time to time by our Board of Directors. Effective December 3, 2012, our Board of Directors increased the size of our Board from nine directors to ten directors and appointed Gregory A. Trojan, our Chief Executive Officer and President, to fill the vacancy created by the increase. All directors (including Mr. Trojan) are subject to election at each Annual Meeting of Shareholders. At this Annual Meeting, ten directors will be elected to serve until the next Annual Meeting of Shareholders and until their respective successors are elected and qualified. The nominees for election as directors at this Annual Meeting are set forth in the table below. All nominees currently serve on our Board of Directors and are all recommended by our Board of Directors for reelection at the Annual Meeting. In the event that any of the nominees for director should become unable to serve if elected, it is intended that shares represented by proxies which are executed and returned will be voted for such substitute nominee(s) as may be recommended by our existing Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may elect to fill interim vacancies of directors. Each of our officers is elected by, and serves at the discretion of, the Board of Directors, subject to the terms of any employment agreement.

The ten nominees receiving the highest number of votes cast “For” their election at the Annual Meeting will be elected as our directors. Proxies cannot be voted for a greater number of persons than the number of nominees named in this Proxy Statement. Under our majority voting policy, any director nominee who receives a greater number of “Withhold” votes than “For” votes with respect to their election shall tender their resignation within 15 days of the final vote. See the description of our majority voting policy in “Shareholders Voting Rights” above.

Subject to certain exceptions specified below, shareholders of record on the Record Date are entitled to cumulate their votes in the election of our directors (i.e., they are entitled to the number of votes determined by multiplying the number of shares held by them times the number of directors to be elected) and may cast all of their votes so determined for one person, or spread their votes among two or more persons as they see fit. No shareholder shall be entitled to cumulate votes for a given candidate for director unless such candidate’s name has been placed in nomination prior to the vote and the shareholder has given notice at the Annual Meeting, prior to the voting, of the shareholder’s intention to cumulate his or her votes. If any one shareholder has given such notice, all shareholders may cumulate their votes for candidates in nomination. Discretionary authority to cumulate votes is hereby solicited by the Board of Directors if any shareholder gives notice of his or her intention to exercise the right to cumulative voting. In that event, the Board of Directors will instruct the proxy holders to vote all shares represented by proxies in a manner that will result in the approval of the maximum number of directors from the nominees selected by the Board of Directors that may be elected with the votes held by the proxy holders.

We entered into an employment agreement with Mr. Trojan that requires us to take all reasonable action within our control to cause him to continue to be appointed or elected to our Board of Directors during the term of his employment agreement.