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BJS RESTAURANTS INC filed this Form DEF 14A on 04/26/2013
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  (3) The amounts in this column do not reflect amounts paid to or realized by the named individual for fiscal 2012. Instead, these amounts reflect the aggregate grant date fair value of awards computed in accordance with FASB Codification Topic No. 718. There is no guarantee that, if and when these awards are realized, they will have this or any other value.


  (4) This column shows the number of stock options granted in fiscal 2012 to the Named Executive Officers. All of such options vest in five equal annual installments and expire ten years from the date of grant.


  (5) Other than the grants to Mr. Trojan, this column reflects annual stock option grants which have an exercise price per share equal to an average of the closing prices of our Common Stock for the last five days of the fiscal year. The stock options granted to Mr. Trojan constituted the initial grant of options to Mr. Trojan on his first day of employment with the Company and have an exercise price per share equal to the closing price of our Common Stock on the date of grant.


  (6) The fair value of options granted was estimated at the date of grant using a Black-Scholes option pricing model.