• Greg Trojan
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Greg Levin
    President, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary
  • Greg Lynds
    Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer
  • Kevin Mayer
    Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
  • Lon Ledwith
    Executive Vice President of Restaurant Operations
  • Brian Krakower
    Chief Information Officer
  • Alex Puchner
    Senior Vice President Brewing Operations
  • Kendra Miller
    Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Assistant Corporate Secretary
  • Robert DeLiema
    President BJ's Restaurants Foundation
  • Debbie Nichols
    Vice President Risk Management
  • Don Gardner
    Vice President Restaurant Facilities
  • Jake Guild
    Vice President Accounting and Corporate Controller
  • Jeff Preston
    Vice President of Purchasing
  • Scott Rodriguez
    Senior Vice President, Culinary
  • Shea Bodet
    Senior Vice President, Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Steve Demetor
    Vice President Construction
  • Christopher Pinsak
    Senior Regional Vice President Operations
  • David Youngberg
    Regional Vice President Operations
  • Julie Weinman
    Regional Vice President Operations
  • Moe Robiglio
    Regional Vice President Operations
  • Charles Seidenstucker
    Area Vice President Operations
  • Eric Johnson
    Area Vice President Operations
  • Mike Langford
    Area Vice President Operations
  • Mike Vinik
    Area Vice President Operations